General Guideline

Register an account with Com&Buy

  • Why do I have to sign up before using it?

    • On our site, you may track the progress of your order and make inquiries using the Order ID.

Ship For Me Service

You Buy, We Deliver

You handle order placement and shipping to the warehouse, while Com&Buy takes care of the final delivery to you.

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  • Why do I have to submit the information?

    • Details required for customs clearance.

Buy For Me Service

We Buy & Deliver

We'll handle placing the order and shipping it to the warehouse, and you simply wait for delivery.

  • Do I still require an account with Merchant?

    • Creating an account with the merchant is not necessary.

      • Simply sign up with Com&Buy, submit your order, and leave the rest to us.

Submit Delivery Order

Shipping items to you

  • What happens once your items arrive at the warehouse?

    • If you're ready to finalise your order and ship to you, by combining the parcels, proceed to Submit Delivery Order        

  • What to do after submitting the Delivery Order?

    • Wait for all the items to arrive in the warehouse.

      • If you submitted the Delivery Order before the items arrived in the warehouse, click on then scroll down to view the Product Order status.

    • Once all items have arrived at the warehouse, the operator will process the Delivery Order and notify you.

    • Once the shipping fee is paid, and the delivery will be arranged accordingly.

    • Wait to receive the shipment.

The registration is divided into two steps: "submit information" and "activate user name". The whole process takes only 2 minutes.
1. Go to the registration page and first enter an email address that you use to activate your account.
2. Set a password.
3. Read the “Registration Agreement” carefully and agree to the terms and click the “Submit Registration” button.
4. Complete the registration.

Ship For Me

When you use our 'Ship For Me' service, you take care of purchasing the products you want from overseas. Once you've made your purchase, simply have the items shipped to our warehouse. From there, we'll manage the process, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of your products right to your doorstep.

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Tracking number is the Express number from when you make the purchase. Kindly note that Tracking number is NOT Order number. If you do not have a tracking number yet, it means that your seller has not shipped out the items yet, please wait until items are shipped.

There are 3 different ways to submit your order. Please submit only via 1 method. Click Here to submit your Ship For Me order

You will be prompted to Top Up your account before you checkout. The payment methods we accept can be found Here

Buy For Me

You will be prompted to Top Up your account before you checkout. The payment methods we accept can be found Here

Paste your product URL, or search for products on the search bar at the top of the webpage. Or Click Here, add your items to the cart, top up your account, and check out.

When you use our 'Buy For Me' service, you can simply browse for products on our website, or provide us with the URL of the item you want to purchase. We will take care of purchasing the products you want from overseas. Once we have made the purchase, we will manage the process, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of your products right to your doorstep.

Add to cart directly when shopping at Taobao.com - Use our Chrome extension now

Click Here to view service fee calculation

The exchange rate is floating and it will change from time to time.

The current effective exchange rate for BuyForMe orders is



Method 1 : via Online

This top-up method is almost an instant verification that will automatically be completed once the transaction is successful.


Method 2 : via Offline

This top-up method the verification usually takes about 1 working day.

You need to log in to your bank platform to manually perform a transfer

After you have completed the transfer, please send us a screenshot of the receipt (complete the form Here and attach the transaction receipt).

When transferring payment, please enter your Username registered with Com&Buy as the UEN / Bill Reference No. / Reference No. / Reference / Remark to Payee.

We encourage frequent users to recharge the account balance earlier to prevent issues in last-minute order requests.

Send an email to hello@comnbuy.com with
  • Your Account details
    • Account Holder Name and Nickname
    • Bank Account Number and Bank Name
    • Mobile Number
  • Your Username
Bank Transfer (PayNow, PayLah! S$1.00 admin fee)
HitPay / Stripe (PayNow, GrabPay, ShopeePay, Cards min. S$1.00 admin fee)

• Can we know the reason for your withdrawal or any concerns that you may have?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
● An admin fee of min. S$1.00 to perform the transaction.
● The bank account details must be the same as submitted to Top Up Account Balance.
● This process will take about 5-8 working days.
● When you top up with HitPay / Stripe, the maximum refund/withdrawal period is 30 days. Any requests made after then will be denied.
● Cash withdrawal is not allowed.
● If you top up by HitPay / Stripe, please take note it will refund back to your card/bank/account, up to 14 days depends on your bank/merchant.
● The amount you received in your bank/card from withdrawal balance should be the amount after deducting service fees (eg. includes but limited to handling fees, transaction fees, Buy For Me service fees, other fees involved) and admin fees.

Parcel Shipment Rules & Regulations

Purchasing and Shipping Rules

Shipping Terms:
1. Shipping fee includes delivery to doorstep via lift but duties & taxes is not included.
2. Tax responsibility lies with the customer; usually, if required, you can pay the tax to delivery person.
3. The customer is solely responsible for any accidents, damage, or loss that occur during delivery; therefore, please ensure that your seller packages appropriately, or you may request additional reinforcement packaging services from us.
4. To minimise conflicts and misunderstandings, customers should verify items (such as weight and quantity) before signing the package; report any damage to delivery personnel and email hello@comnbuy.com immediately with photos.
5. Com&Buy will attempt to recover losses from transportation company with sufficient information.

6. Warehouse not responsible for seller-related issues (fraud, quality, incorrect shipment, etc.).
7. For seller issues, warehouse will assist in resolving disputes, but not responsible for losses or damages.
8. Customer must report wrong, missing, defective, or damaged goods to hello@comnbuy.com with video evidence and packaging description for possible claims.
9. Product inspection service recommended for quality-conscious customers; warehouse not responsible for dissatisfaction.
10. Logistics delays due to customs inspections or holidays not the warehouse's responsibility.
11. Customer must search for package if signed but not received.
12. If there is visible damage to the outer packaging of the parcel, the warehouse will notify customer.

Ship For Me Service:
13. The "Ship For Me" service solely provides shipment forwarding.
14. For orders placed using this service, customers are responsible for direct interaction with the seller.

Buy For Me Service:
15. Buy For Me service carries certain risks; may not arrive within scheduled time.
16. We will try to recover from seller if goods arrive damaged.
17. Delivery leadtime exclude holidays, weather delays, and customs handling; no delay compensation provided.
18. Refunds only for out-of-stock items; no returns or replacements allowed.
19. Acceptance of freight service implies acceptance of the above terms.
20. Rejected or returned packages require full shipping payment for reshipping; no refund for previous shipping fees.
21. Sensitive goods should not be shipped via normal shipment; warehouse reserves the right to refuse transshipment after customs rejection or return.

General Reminder:
22. Consider the purchasing process before using the service.
23. Patience is required after order submission.
24. If you have any questions, please contact us.

*Weight Calculation:
If the item weighs 1.2kg, we will charge 2kg as freight fee.
According to freight calculation, the freight fee will use either actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is heavier.

What is volumetric weight? It's based on height, width, and length.

*Example 1:
Item Actual Weight:1 kg
Item Volumetric Weight:25cm x 20cm x 30cm
volumetric weight = (25 x 20 x 30)/6000
= 2.5 kg

If your item's actual weight is 1.5kg, and if the volumetric weight is 4.6kg, the freight cost will be charged 5KG.

Compliance and Shipping Restrictions:
1. All freight services must comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) and customs regulations.

Correct Information and Shipping Method:
2. Customer's false reporting or use of incorrect shipping method leads to costs and losses not covered by us.
3. Customer must provide accurate information and use appropriate shipping method, if unsure, please contact us beforehand.

Cannot be shipped via Normal shipping method:
4. Liquids, powders, electronics, batteries, and branded goods, do contact us for more details.

Shipping Compliance:
5. Customer responsible for lawful importation to destination country.
6. False or ambiguous item declarations risk confiscation and fines by customs.
7. Controlled items may be shipped, but licenses and necessary documents are customer's responsibility.
8. Verify if Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) considers item as Dangerous Goods.
9. Contraband not accepted; do not send contraband to warehouse.
10. Detainment or confiscation by customs not our responsibility.
11. Obvious external or internal damage to packages will be rejected.
12. Right to refuse processing requisitions without reason.
13. Right to open and inspect items in shipment at our discretion.

Shipping Categories:
14. Non-sensitive goods (e.g., fashion, bags, shoes, furniture, toys)
15. Sensitive goods (e.g., books, Bluetooth devices, magnets, earphones, discs, PCB, branded items, snacks, toys with built-in batteries)
16. Special goods (e.g., batteries, powder-related items, mobile phones, laptops, liquids, creams, candles, tea leaves, health supplement)
17. EPM goods (e.g., PPE face masks, gloves, sanitizer)
18. Prohibited items (e.g., drugs, flammables)
19. Items falling outside mentioned categories need to be checked with us.
20. If package is custom rejected or returned, full shipping price must be paid for reshipping; earlier shipping fees are non-refundable.
21. Right to refuse transshipment after custom rejection or return of item/package.
22. Necessary customs clearance documents must be provided before submitting shipment.

Fast Delivery

All of our shipping methods are trackable online, with each stage shown in the tracking progress.

View the examples below:

Warehouse received the submitted Delivery Order from you

The delivery order consists of 1 or more tracking numbers.

The warehouse operator will search for the parcels (tracking numbers) from the shelves.

Packing the parcels into one shipment

The parcels will be packaged together, and this is the final packaged shipment.

The warehouse operator will weigh and measure the final packaged shipment, then prepare the necessary customs clearance documents such as commercial invoices and waybills.

  • Any changes to the shipment, including the documents, must be redone and might easily cause misunderstanding, which is why we do not accept alterations.

    • Alteration takes more time than standard processing.

    • Strictly no splitting or removing from the final packaged shipment.

    • Adding packages might require reopening the shipment as the original packing materials may not be reusable, potentially requiring a new packaging carton box or polymailer/pp woven bag.

      • After the package has been processed, there is an additional cost for adding parcels.

      • If you have any questions, please contact us before submitting.

  • Shipments from China:

    • If you choose Air or Sea (Decide Later), you will be given two quotes; select the one you like. See examples ➜ click here

      • At this point, the packages have been packaged together, but the documentation is not yet complete.

    • If you did not choose (Decide Later), no changes is allowed to the shipment.

      • At this point, the packages have been packaged together, and the documentation is complete.

  • Shipments from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia:

    • You can add parcels once for an additional cost.

      • At this point, the packages have been packaged together, but the documentation is not yet complete.

Shipment have been shipped

Once the package is paid for, the documents will be submitted to customs for clearance, and the shipment will be transported to the port.

During transit, the shipment is being shipped to you; any alterations would result in the final packaged shipment having to be returned to us.

  • At this point, no changes is allowed to the shipment.

❗No changes can be made to the shipment after submitting the Delivery Order (e.g., splitting, merging, adding/removing items, changing shipping method).

If you are unsure, please contact us before submitting.

If you choose the repackaging option, keep in mind that the seller is well-versed in their product & packaging.

Your sellers are responsible for providing sufficient packaging. We'll do our utmost to reduce packaging while still providing adequate protection.


Click "Forgot Password" in "Login" and follow the prompts to retrieve your password. If you cannot retrieve your password as described above, please contact our customer service.

Unfortunately, no refunds will be offered.

Simply top up your Com&Buy account and use the points to pay for your shipments. Every top up package comes with different attractive benefits.

Com&Buy points are valid for (1) year from the topup purchase/earned date.

After Sale Service

Product return / Exchange process

Step 1: If you need to return the goods because of the quality of the goods, please send an email to the purchasing customer service to apply for a return.

Step 2: After contacting the customer service, the customer service will communicate with the domestic distributor. When it is determined that they accept the return, the purchasing customer service will contact you by email to inform you of the details of the return.

Step 3: After understanding the details of the return letter, please return the relevant items (product + original purchase voucher + original packaging + a copy of the email on the approved product return), as soon as possible to return the product.

  Please note:

For returned goods, please be sure to return it within the time limit promised by the merchant. At the same time, because the international return requires a considerable amount of time (usually waiting for more than one month), please wait patiently during the return process, Purchasing Customer Service will also promptly inform you of the progress of the return.

Buy For Me is committed to eliminating all worries about your after-sales international online shopping.

In order to ensure the convenience and security of your shopping, you have the appropriate standards for every process of shopping, including return and replacement.

A. Shipment error, defective or damaged goods

When the above problem occurs with the product you received, please take the video together (no video pause between before opening the package and removing the product from the package) with the outer packaging and send the description of the relevant situation to the customer service mailbox: hello@comnbuy.com. We will respond to you after processing.

> Blur images/videos are not accepted.

> The package tracking number in the video/photo must be clearly visible.

> You must attach the receipt of purchase. 

Contact us within 24 hours of receiving the package. Applications sent later will not be considered.

B. Quality problems with goods

When the goods you purchase have quality problems after using for a period of time, as long as the goods are still within the quality guarantee period, and have the original purchase certificate and product quality assurance card, you can entrust us to contact the domestic merchants for refund/exchange.

For goods that meet the return/change conditions, Com&Buy 同来买 Purchasing System Network will be responsible for shipping to domestic merchants and shipping the repaired or replaced items back to you. Because each vendor/supplier has its own unique principles and methods for handling product quality issues (as indicated in the Product Quality Assurance Card), we cannot guarantee that the manufacturer will fully meet your requirements, but will try to strive for the benefit and make you satisfied.

We provide this agency service without any service charge, but you are responsible for the return shipping of the goods. We reserve the right to refuse to represent this service for goods that do not meet the quality assurance conditions.

In the event of any of the following, we will not accept the item you requested to return:

A. The goods are exchanged, the original appearance changes or the parts are lost;

B. Unpacked goods, such as software packages, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, etc.;

C. Goods without original proof of purchase.

Special reminder: Websites such as eBay, Taobao, etc. need to be cautiously shopping, because there are many unscrupulous business activities, if there is any, we can not arrange for you to return.

The refunded amount depends on the amount the seller refunds and can only be refunded after the seller has refunded.