How to calculate (Service Fee)

If this is your first time shipping during the peak period/festive season , please do expect a longer transit time and delay for all shipments. Please consider shipping earlier.

1. Ship For Me Calculation: How to get the Total Payable Shipping Cost

∴ One payment = Shipping Cost (+ add-on services if any)
Service fee (if applicable) will be charged together.
"Ship For Me" service only provides transportation. If you need value-added services , please select accordingly when submitting the delivery order.

To get a quote:
You will need to have the weight and measurement of the package, such as Length, Width & Height in cm.
Find out more details in the description of each shipping method under Delivery & Service Fee or try out our Shipping Fee Calculator at the bottom of the page.

Storage Period: FREE for 30 calendar days

Ship For Me service fee:【 S$1.70 per parcel in Taiwan • Korea • Japan 】〖 FREE consolidate in China 〗
Packages that can be shipped together are consolidated in the same warehouse.

Please check for the latest Warehouse Address before sending your parcel over.

Click here ➜ to find out Duty & Tax

Shipping from China to Singapore via Air Freight above S$400.00 and all Sea Freight will be charged 7% GST and will be charged together with the shipping cost. If you wish to pay separately, a separate customs clearance fee will be required, please contact us in advance.

For the rest of the shipping methods, if applicable, you will pay directly to the clearance company (notification).

Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 12:00nn, 1:30pm - 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 12:00nn
Sunday, Eve & Public Holiday, Away Period: Closed

2. Buy For Me Calculation: How to get the Total Payable Product Cost

Two payments 【1st: Product Cost • 2nd: Shipping Cost (+ add-on services if any)】
Service fee (if applicable) will be charged together with the 2nd payment.
"Buy For Me" service only places the order based on the customer's request and any form of instructions to the seller. If you need value-added services , please select accordingly when submitting the Delivery Order.

To get a quote:
If the product link is in CN¥, paste it onto the search bar and fill in the Product Name & Price then add to cart.

➜ Click here to view the Steps on Add to Cart

All Buy For Me orders is only shipped to Com&Buy's warehouse and for export only.
Com&Buy will usually process your order within 1 business day and may take longer, depending on the complexity of your order requirements. Orders submitted outside business hours will be processed on the next business day.

If your seller did not ship within 7 days, your order shall be assumed as Preorder. (refer to【 Preorder)
Please submit your order only if you know the seller's inventory level and delivery date, or if you can wait. Each seller's shipping speed is different.
If you are expecting your seller to ship within 3 days, please contact us in advance. (refer to【 Urgent)
If you did not contact in advance, a requested follow up within 7 days shall be assumed as Urgent.

Ask Seller questions/Chat with Seller, S$1.00 each question.
This service included forwarding the reply to & fro, and translation.

Taobao • Tmall • 1688 ✦ 淘宝 • 天猫 • 阿里巴巴 ✦
Buy For Me service fee: S$0.70 per item『1 option = 1 item; multiple quantity of 1 item = 1 item』

Easily add items to cart by using our Chrome extension Or, to get the link: Click on 分享 (Share) then 复制 (Copy)

If the websites is from HongKong, ℯℊ (refer to【 Special Request】below)

Xianyu • Weidian • oWhat • JD • Dangdang • Suning ✦ 闲鱼 • 微店 • 京东 • 当当 • 苏宁易购 ✦
Buy For Me service fee: S$5.00 per order『1 seller 1 transaction (max. 5 items) = 1 order』

Fast order link or cannot checkout together will be 1 listing 1 order
To order at specific timing, there will be additional fee (refer to【 Special Request】below)

No shopping cart, 1 listing 1 order. Multiple listings of the same seller must be submitted together as One Product ID

There is a transaction fee for each payment by the merchant. Transaction fee: S$1 + 0.6%

               Welcome kpop idol cards, figurines/toys, antique, collectors, etc.

Click here to view the example of combining into One Product ID & how to copy Xianyu link

State the ones you want in the remark field and will be forwarded to the seller.
Or, if you have images for reference(circle your choices), please send the image in collage format via WhatsApp with the Product ID indicated to avoid misunderstanding.
Leave in the remark field, such as Refer to WhatsApp.


Click here to view the examples of Asking Price 『if you can write to us in Chinese (ℯℊ Idol Names), please do so to avoid miscommunication』.


Click here to view the steps to Reserve the item.

Click here to view the follow up on 2nd/3rd/4th ... payment with seller.

There are items that are required to follow up such as joining QQ or WeChat group or Weibo, usually 2nd payment, for the shipping fee.
You can remark your QQ / WeChat / Weibo ID, otherwise, Buy For Me - Special will apply accordingly and we will follow up.

ℯℊ Your seller has notified us that a 2nd payment is required, we will inform you to submit the order and that will be 1x Buy For Me - Special Request.

Click here to view example of the seller shipped without Tracking Numberadditional fee

It will require additional resources in monitoring as it arrives, thus, the fee for the Buy For Me - Special will apply.


To avoid this cost, you can check out their Weibo account for the tracking number and provide us.
For this type of order, the seller does not specifically tell when they will ship but has to regularly visit for updates.
You can also use our warehouse (2. Shenzhen) contact number to get the tracking number.

Click here to view the example of Chinese characters to take note

已预订 ,已预留 ,尾款 Reserved, Last payment, ie. Listing not available
标价非售价 Listed price not the selling price, ie. Usually, you state your offer price
直拍 ,拍下即可 Direct Price, ie. Usually available
可小刀 Negotiable, ie. Can ask for slightly lower price
议价不回 ,不砍价 Non negotiable
展示 ,非售品 ,不出 ,收收收 ,对换 Display, not sale item, looking for, ie. Not a sale listing
预售品 ,没现货 Preorder, ie. Usually, need to wait a long time
定金价格 Deposit price, ie. Usually, there will be 2nd payment needed

WeChat • yupoo • Weibo • Kongz • Douyin • Xiaohongshu • Alibaba • Youzan • QQ • VIP • Official Stores ✦ 微信 • 又拍网 • 微博 • 唯品会 • 孔夫子 • 抖音 • 小红书 • 有赞 • 官方网址 ✦
Buy For Me service fee: S$10.00 per order『1 seller 1 transaction (max. 5 items) = 1 order』

Official Stores such as,,,,

Buy For Me service fee: S$5.00 per order『1 seller 1 transaction (max. 5 items) = 1 order』

For 1 listing 1 checkout.
If the seller only accepts bank transfers as the only payment method, you will be charged with a Transfer Fee.
Transfer Fee to the sellers (in TW, JP, KR): NTD30, JPY324, KRW1,000 per transaction

If the sites are not supported by our search bar, contact us.

Websites supported by search bar
Taiwan: books, momoshop, pcstore, ruten,, friday
Korea: gugus, around101
Japan: locondo

Some sellers charge by fixed price or by piece or by weight.
In some cases, the seller will only notify us of the charge at the time of shipment or when the goods arrive through the warehouse.
Domestic transportation costs are known under different circumstances.
If you are not willing to pay for the domestic shipping fee, you can purchase and use our ShipForMe.

China: 到付/COD to our warehouse for a fee of 10% or minimum (5rmb) S$1.00 each transaction of the 到付/COD amount.
Taiwan/Japan/Korea: 到付/COD to our warehouse for a fee of S$5 per package. Must be informed in advance, otherwise, the package will be rejected.

Please ensure sufficient account balance for deduction of the domestic shipping fee. The excess of the account balance can be used to offset the international shipping fee. If insufficient for deduction of the domestic shipping fee, there will be a service fee of 10% or minimum S$1.00 each transaction.

Buy For Me service fee: S$5.00 per item per bid increment (Manual or Automatic apply)

ℯℊ You have submitted a Bid max amount 2000 and the Final amount is 3000, we will close the order as an unsuccessful bid.
However, if the auction is still open for bidding then you can increase your bid max amount, each increment is S$5.00. If bidding is required manually such as Xianyu Auction, then each manual bid will be charged accordingly.

ℯℊ Xianyu Auction: The service fee shall be Xianyu S$5 + Auction S$5 per bid

Buy For Me service fee: + S$5.00 per order『1 seller 1 transaction = 1 order』Includes 1 requested follow-up with the seller

ℯℊ Taobao: S$0.70 + S$5.00 if preorder

If the order is shipped after 7 days from the order date, please note that the order will be considered a Preorder.
After 7 days, you can request a follow-up with the seller. Each requested follow-up with the seller will be charged at S$5.00 under Special Request.
Every month of waiting will be charged S$5.00, eg. Preorder takes 6 months, the fee will be 6 x S$5.00

Please be aware of the seller’s delivery date, usually it can be found on the same listing page.
Payments that are required to be made in advance are irrevocable and we are not responsible if the seller went MIA.

較長備貨(出貨天數**天),暑假不发货,不接急单,拼邮,搬家清仓,收到货后再发,预计**天发货,预售,定制品,予約注文,선주문: When you see a listing with such descriptions or if the date is not specified, please order only if you can wait.

Special Request fee: minimum S$5.00 per item『Additional Fee』

Such as offline store purchases, custom-order, depending on how complex the request is.
Buy from other countries. Any (process) out of the norm. Subject to availability.

ℯℊ S$10.00 per item
ℯℊ Direct Order: minimum S$10.00 per order
ℯℊ Buy only at a Specific timing: during operating hours (S$5), weekdays 18:01-21:00 (S$10), weekends (S$20), etc
Currently, orders that require to "snatch" within seconds are not supported.

Urgent Order: Special Request service fee per order + extra domestic delivery fee
ℯℊ If needed urgently, we can request for upgrading of domestic delivery from seller but is subject to availability.

Buy For Me service fee: minimum S$10.00 per order, S$5.00 item『Additional Fee』
Subject to availability

For Virtual Product proceed to Submit Delivery Order

Virtual item such as Downloadable files.
1. Select Virtual Warehouse when you submit
2. Must submit Delivery Order and select Self Collect Point

3. Please proceed to make the payment and acknowledge 'Goods Received'.
4. After received, then we will proceed to do the transfer.

For Pay on Behalf (Daifu 代付) - (click here)

The exchange rate is floating and it will change from time to time.

The current effective exchange rate for BuyForMe orders is

SG$1.00: CN¥4.55 KR₩800 JP円90 NT$19

Effective date: Jun 27, 2022        Last updated: 1:56 pm

3. Weight Calculation: How to get the Total Payable Weight

For all shipments, freight will be charged based on actual weight or volumetric weight (whichever is higher).
Shipping fee included delivery to doorstep, by lift.
If the goods cannot be carried by lift, fees will be charged for manpower to carry by the stairs (subject to availability). For remote areas, please check with us.
The shipping charges you will be charged are based on the final weight. The final weight is the weight of the shipment after it has been packaged by the warehouse.

1. Actual weight is exactly what the product weighs including packaging = kg

2. Volumetric weight takes into account the length, width & height of the package that you are shipping.
example 1. China to Singapore (Air & Sea Packet): Length*Width*Height in centimetre / 6,000 = kg
example 2. China to United States: Length*Width*Height in centimetre / 5,000 = kg

3. Volume weight takes into account the length, width & height of the package that you are shipping.
example 1. China to Singapore (Sea): Length*Width*Height in centimetre / 1,000 000 = m3 m3 aka cbm

4. Other Calculation: How to get the Total Payable Service Fee

Service Fee (add-on) will be applied if applicable.

  1. GST 7% (Singapore) : Air freight declared value above S$400.00 & all Sea freight will be charged.

  2. Separate Customs Clearance : from S$50.00 per shipment

  3. Wooden Crate Packaging : from S$10.00 per shipment

  4. Oversized/Overweight : from S$45.00 per parcel

  5. Repackaging : Remove original delivery packaging

  6. Reinforcement Packaging : S$2.00/kg per material request

  7. Additional Service : ℯℊ Forklift, Manpower for delivery by the staircase

  8. Insurance : from 5% per shipment

  9. Photo-Taking (Product Inspection) : S$2.00 per photo

10. (Quantity) Inventory check : S$2.00 per package

11. Storage Overdue : S$1.00/day per parcel

To find out more, click here.

For services mentioned which are not on our website as we do not provide such service unless on request.
If required, these value-added services will need to be informed in advance and there may be additional charges for such requirements and is subject to availability.