Delivery Order (Wait for Payment) must be paid within 3 days. If the payment is not made within the 3 days, we will dispose of the parcel from the warehouse.

The processing time for shipment is usually one working day.

You can also click to confirm 'Received', it will help us greatly to have more time checking the others that are not yet delivered.


5/5 based on 49 reviews

Sally posted 17/01/2021

1st time user here. They have been prompt in responding questions. Overall experience has been good.

Tay posted 17/01/2021

Highly recommended for their daifu service!
Excellent service and fast response as usual!
Thanks ComNBuy!

Mei Qin posted 29/12/2020
Mei Qin

Very fast and prompt delivery! Thanks.

KOUADIO posted 13/11/2020

Very good and reliable service!

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