Buy For Me Guide

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➕ Q: What is Buy For Me?
A: When you use our 'Buy For Me' service, you can simply browse for products on our website, or provide us with the URL of the item you want to purchase. We will take care of purchasing the products you want from overseas. Once we have made the purchase, we will manage the process, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of your products right to your doorstep.

Add to cart directly when shopping at - Use our Chrome extension now

➕ Q: How to calculate service and shipping fee for Buy For Me?
A: Click Here to view service fee calculation

➕ Q: How do I know how much is the Shipping Fee?
A: Click Here to use our Shipping Fee Calculator or view more information Here

➕ Q: How to submit order for Buy For Me?
A: Paste your product URL, or search for products on the search bar at the top of the webpage. Or Click Here, add your items to the cart, top up your account, and check out.

➕ Q: How to make payment?
A: You will be prompted to Top Up your account before you checkout. The payment methods we accept can be found Here