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Norman posted 10/10/2019

I tried some others 代购 online to purchase goods from China. I realized that if the destination of the seller is too far into the hills and valley, they sometimes do tricky things like giving you a reason that the goods cannot be ship overseas due to bla bla bla reason. Or in some cases if the buying price is too too low and cheap, we buyers will not be able to add that particular items into our wanted list.

I tried my first purchase with comnbuy with both this two factors, and guess what ? I received my goods in less than 2 weeks in perfect condition all the way from northern China !

I will use their service again very soon for many times !

Mun fei dobie posted 10/10/2019
Mun fei dobie

Good after sales customer service , recommendable to buyers who wanted to purchase things from china website , trustworthy

Lengzai posted 10/10/2019

Prompt service. Fast respond when i needed help. Price is quite low too. Got my parcel within days. Not to forget cute seller.

Qiren posted 09/10/2019

Camilla has always provided great customer service with speedy replies. I trust their agency services & will continue to use them when I purchase items abroad. Thank you for the great help :)

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