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Danist posted 16/10/2019

A trusted company! always provided great agency services! Fuss free! Easy to access! Will continue to buy through them! Thanks ????

dlandpd42 posted 16/10/2019

Have been using Camilize previous website till current Comnbuy.com, for my e-purchases for more than 2 years.

0 logistic issue encountered. To me delivery is reasonably fast . Keep in mind, you are ordering from overseas, dont expect tomorrow will reach your door step.

Usually delay are due seller or buyer communication issue (example: sensitive order buyer selected normal postage, causing parcel return , delay or reject or seller send wrong item)

Comnbuy.com reply to my enquires quite promptly. Even if i needed to enquire the seller on my order which is quite small in monetary value, they still help to get it done.

Their charges are quite reasonable and transparent. Other cheaper site may also get it done. But in terms of reliability and trust. I still recommend Comnbuy.com

Madcap83 posted 15/10/2019

Have tried a few TB Agent before. However the best of the bunch has to be comnbuy. Patient, and able to help me resolve any shopping / shipping problems that have arisen so far. Tops in my book

magicelite84 posted 14/10/2019

I have been using the ship for me service for the past 2 years and I am impressed with the consistency of the top notch quality service. Prompt replies to queries and smooth delivery is why I have been going back to them. Another point to note is that they have been upgrading their website to improve the user experience. Very satisfied!

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