How to buy & ship from Korea, Japan, Taiwan & China

First, Register an account with Com&Buy

Next, Identify and decide what you want to buy
● Items such as albums, clothing, bags, idol merchandise, cosmetics, watches, phone casing, skin care products, car parts, shoes, sports equipment, household, furniture, dolls, etc

● Merchants such as Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Xianyu 闲鱼 idlefish, Weidian 微店, Alibaba 阿里巴巴, Shopee 虾皮, Weverse, Rakuten, Yahoo! Auction, Ruten, 女人我最大, other official sites, etc
Then, Ship the goods to Com&Buy's warehouse address
Com&Buy offers You Buy, We Deliver (Buy For Me), and We Buy & Deliver (Ship For Me) services.

● You Buy, We Deliver (Buy For Me)
Consider using Com&Buy's ordering service if you're uncertain about the process. We'll handle placing the order and shipping it to the warehouse, and you simply wait for delivery.

● We Buy & Deliver (Ship For Me)
You handle order placement and shipping to the warehouse, while Com&Buy takes care of the final delivery to you.
Last, Forward the items to your preferred address
Shipping to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, United States, etc

Prior to sending items to Com&Buy's warehouse, please confirm with us if products like liquids or batteries are eligible for shipment.
If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.