Buying Tips

Dear valued customers of Com&Buy,

We have also added these tips to our guide, and you can find them under New User Guide > 4. How to Calculate.

【 Tips 】

• If you need it urgently can contact us in advance for upgrading domestic delivery
 (from seller - subject to availability), there will be an additional cost.

• Please be aware of the seller’s delivery date, usually it can be found on the same listing page.

• 較長備貨(出貨天數**天),暑假不发货,不接急单,拼邮,搬家清仓,收到货后再发,预计**天发货,预售,定制品,仅定金、后期补尾款,跑单定金不退,予約注文,선주문: When you see a listing with such descriptions or if the date is not specified, please order only if you can wait.

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