Preorder process update

Dear ComNBuy valued customers,

Due to an increase in cancellation during the 14 days window, and to deter any customers from abusing our policy, we’ve decided on changing to a 7 days period instead.
Repeated cancellations may affect our rating, which in turn poses a risk of our account being flagged for backing out on orders, especially after agreeing to wait. This will leave a bad impression and may lead to negative reviews, thus making it difficult to deal with other sellers.

If you submit an order without stating Preorder in the remarks, and the seller did not ship within 7 business days, your order shall be assumed with the intention that you do not wish to wait and will be cancelled. Please note that the applicable service fee will not be refunded.

If the order is shipped after 7 business days from the order date, please note that the order will be considered as Preorder and a fee will be charged.

We have no control over the seller's inventory & processing speed and we seek your understanding. Before you place an order with us, please understand the seller's inventory level.
Please confirm your intention to purchase your item before you proceed to make payment in ComNBuy.
Repeated questioning on the seller’s delivery date may be charged at a rate of S$5.00 each under Special Request.

How to Calculate? (Service Fee)