Guide on how to buy from Thailand (LazadaTH, ShopeeTH, etc)

Register an account with Com&Buy

  • Why do I have to sign up before using it?

    • On our site, you may track the progress of your order and make inquiries using the Order ID.

  • Do I still require an account with LazadaTH, ShopeeTH?

    • Creating an account with the merchant is not necessary.

      • Simply sign up with Com&Buy, submit your order, and leave the rest to us.

Submit Buy For Me Thailand Order

  • Identify and decide what you want to buy ➜ Items can be used, new, or limited edition

    • Items include but are not limited to:

      • Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Fashion

      • Figurines, Toys, Dolls, Collectibles

      • CDs, DVDs, Albums, Idol Merchandise

      • Cosmetics, Skin Care, Health Supplements

      • Snacks, Beverages, Canned Food

      • Furniture, Kitchenware, Household, Toiletry

      • Stationery, Paper, Books

    • Stores include but are not limited to:

      • LazadaTH

      • ShopeeTH

  • How to submit?

    • Use the search bar at the top of the page or click here

      • Fill in the form (Paste Product Link at Option Remark)

      • Select 14. Thailand warehouse ➜ Add to cart & Checkout

  • How much is the Buy For Me service fee?

    • S$10.00 per item

      • Multiple quantities of the same option = one item

  • How can I check the progress of my Product Order after I checkout from the cart?

    • Click Here to check your order status

      • If you have already submitted the delivery order, please scroll down to find out how to check.

    • Status:

      • Pending ➜ Waiting for Com&Buy staff to process it

      • Purchased ➜ Order placed, awaiting shipment from the seller.

      • On the way ➜ Seller has shipped, waiting for the package to arrive at the warehouse.

Submit Delivery Order ➜ Shipping the items to you

  • What happens once your items arrive at the warehouse?

    • If you're ready to finalise your order and ship to you, by combining the parcels, proceed to Submit Delivery Order        

  • What to do after submitting the Delivery Order?

    • Wait for all the items to arrive in the warehouse.

      • If you submitted the Delivery Order before the items arrived in the warehouse, click on then scroll down to view the Product Order status.

    • Once all items have arrived at the warehouse, the operator will process the Delivery Order and notify you.

    • Once the shipping fee is paid, and the delivery will be arranged accordingly.

    • Wait to receive the shipment.

Still unsure?