Gentle Reminder: Buy For Me: Preorder

Dear valued customers of Com&Buy,

recap (ref. 9 Nov 21 post) on Buy For Me: Preorder

Please understand that Com&Buy is providing services here, and today we are mentioning Buy For Me: Preorder.

The items/orders that you submitted under Buy For Me are not under Com&Buy's inventory, which is a pro and con.
The pro is you are not limited to the things you can buy, while the con is what we have explained earlier since we do not hold any stocks on hand which means there is a longer period of waiting time.

Please submit the orders only if you fully understand the process, and of course, do not mind waiting as some items may take a longer period to ship.
Otherwise, you can consider our Ship For Me services instead.

Please confirm your intention before placing your order.
If you do foresee yourself cancelling the order as you do not wish to continue waiting, please do consider our advice; do not proceed to place your order with us.

This can help avoid misunderstandings that may arise later.

We seek your kind understanding.
Thank you.

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