Name change for 15. Guangzhou

Dear valued customers of Com&Buy,

Due to multiple unnecessary misunderstandings, we have decided to change from 15. Guangzhou Bulky Sea (广州大件海运) to 15. Guangzhou Large Sea (广州大件海运).
Please note that we purposefully labelled Large Sea, which means that the warehouse was designed to process Large packages by Sea freight only.
Please do not send parcels to 15. Guangzhou and ask for Airfreight or any small-sized package shipping method.

You can send to 2. Shenzhen Economy, which provides both, Air & Sea freight. It is designed to process all sizes.

We apologise for not being clearer earlier, as we assumed that the word Bulky 大件 from the dictionary also means Large.
Thus, we have underestimated the understanding and have now clearly stated the requirements.

Usually, a Small size package is <40cm, a Medium is >40cm and a Large is >50cm. 

To simplify the requirements, we have also decided to change it to a Minimum Length of 51cm. Length is always the longest side of the parcel.

We hope customers can understand that there are times where couriers leave the packages and go, which resulted that the parcels below the requirement cannot be rejected in time.
Customers who insisted to ship, please note the risk & bear the full consequences.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.