Com&Buy Influencer Program

Everyone can be an influencer. Sign up an account and email with your username registered with Com&Buy to get it activated.
Then, get your personalised link / QR code to share with your followers.

You will get 3% commission for every Delivery orders placed by your referral.

You can review your affiliate downline commission earned on Downline page. To see a clear breakdown of your earnings, please refer to “Affiliate > Transaction” table on that page. When you have accumulated 10,000k points (≈S$100) or more, you can redeem the commission credits on purchases & services such as Buy For Me / Ship For Me or cash out.

Email with i) your username registered with Com&Buy ii) your bank account details iii) your contact number
This process takes about 5-8 working days, usually, can take up to 14 working days.