Self Collect at Ninja Points (SG)

This service is only available to customers who have checked the availability of NinjaVan's list of PUDO points. If you submit a delivery order to the service, it means that you have confirmed that you have read and understood the process, thereby notifying us that the delivery point is valid. Regular updates will be made to NinjaVan's list of PUDO points to reflect any new or deactivated PUDO points, you can click here for the Ninja Point locations and opening hours of operating partners within NinjaVan's network.

Step 1. Go to NinjaVan Ninja Points before each submission of the delivery order.
Step 2. Checked only ☑ Pick up a parcel. Before submitting, please ensure that the location you choose is available for collection.

Step 3. Copy the LOCATION SHORT NAME (711_267) and the full address

Step 4. Paste & save as your delivery order address.
You must submit the LOCATION SHORT NAME & the Full Address as your shipping address.
Please ensure the information submitted is correct as we will process according to your inputs.

Step 5. Submit the delivery order by selecting the shipping method with (Ninja Points). Wait for an SMS notification when your parcel is ready for collection.

How does it work? NinjaVan Collect Parcel
When the tracking status shows "Arrived at Distribution Point", you should receive an SMS notification (OTP/QR code) within 6 hours and parcels must be collected from the Ninja Points within 24 hours from the status time.
If you did not receive an SMS for the OTP/QR code, please contact us by the next working day between 9am and 3pm.
Alternatively, you can contact NinjaVan at +65 6602 8271 |
When the parcels are not collected within 24 hours, it will be returned and there will be fees for the rearrangement.
Take note: Length + Width + Height cumulative cubic dimensions of 80cm, Weight up to 5kg (Ninja Box)

When status shows "Out for delivery" you can subscribe for parcel updates.

Refer to the Delivery & Service fee.
If you do not want to self collect, please select the options (Delivery).